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For too long, lawmakers have ignored calls for gun law reform. From Columbine to Sandy Hook to Pulse to Parkland, mass shootings have become shockingly common in America.  From gun violence to suicides to accidents, our country has become apathetic to young people being shot and killed every single day. The gun lobby and the politicians who fear them have pushed the narrative that our nation’s appalling rate of gun death is the price we pay for freedom.

We reject that narrative.  We say ENOUGH.

Partnering with the nonprofit Safe Tennessee Project, our group is led by young people who believe that students can have broad reach and influence across the state to raise awareness about the gun violence plaguing our country and our state.  We believe that students can advocate for policies that will reduce the number of people injured and killed by gun violence. We believe that the answer to gun violence is not more guns for more people to carry more places. We believe in facts, data, and evidenced-based research.


We believe that if the leaders won’t lead, we will.  And, we believe that if the leaders won’t listen to the people, we will organize, mobilize and vote them out.

We support:


Expanding background checks to cover all gun sales, including those between private sellers


Gun violence restraining orders that give family members and law enforcement a way to intervene and prevent a tragedy


Banning military-style semi-automatic assault rifles that are designed to kill as many people as possible as quickly as possible


Limiting magazine capacity so that a mass shooter is unable to fire dozens of rounds in less than a minute without reloading


Raising the age to buy any and all firearms to 21


Working with schools to implement “See something, say something” programs


Educating young people about gun policy, gun violence prevention research, and how to be a gun violence prevention advocate


Encouraging every single young person to register to vote the day they turn 18, and to exercise that right to support those candidates who support gun law reform

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